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By: strawberryshortcake on Apr 07 | Topic Expertise:

I have a low thyroid and diabetes, both are hormones in the body. I was diagnosed at the age of twenty with type 1 diabetes, and about 2 years later...

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Calories In A Scoop: A Weight Gain Product
By: alexsandralyn on Nov 19 | Topic Expertise:

It's normal for the women in my family to be lean, but when my daughter dropped below 105 pounds, that's too thin to be healthy...

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By: scotlas71 on Jun 21 | Topic Expertise:

It was one year ago this month that I was diagnosed as having "significant hypothyroidism" and was first introduced to this prescription, Levothyroxine.Levothyroxine is a generic brand of Synthroid, the...

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By: dedee on Jan 08 | Topic Expertise:

Holidays can be stressful enough without added weight gain. There are many ways you can keep weight gain at at bay. As most of us know that it is very...

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Alli Weight Loss Pills
By: Abbey Styles on Oct 16 | Topic Expertise:

Firstly, this Alli weight loss product is only available through a pharmacy to overweight people (bmi over 25). The reason this product is contolled like...

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Muscle Milk: Cookies N' Cream
By: billtkatt on Mar 19 | Topic Expertise:

Having tried many brands of suppliments, i have found this brand and flavor to be the best. The price is reasonable and it's easy to...

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By: morrow1411 on Apr 15 | Topic Expertise:

With a combination of female health problems, and not wanting anymore children for the time being, I decided start taking birth control pills once again. That was over 7 years...

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