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By: Joan Young on Jan 01 | Topic Expertise:

I love this candle holder, and the wind chime is more musical than some inexpensive ones, but it cracked when I burned an actual candle...

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By: Joan Young on Apr 25 | Topic Expertise:

Cord Detanglers are a swiveling phone cord connector which keeps your curly cords from getting so hopelessly kinked.For under $10 you can end one of...

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Ming Fa Multi Functional Vegetable Cutters
By: Crissy Taruc on Oct 01 | Topic Expertise:

This MingFa multi-functional vegetable cutters not only helps me make my cooking for the family so easy but keeping them healthy as well. Vegetables have...

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Le Bra ,All Weather Car Bra
By: aiman amir on Sep 01 | Topic Expertise:

My husband and I are big fans of outdoors and long drives. All outdoor activities mostly include a lot of driving and off-roading. Every time...

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American Girl Kirsten Goes Dutch
By: alice on Jun 02 | Topic Expertise:

American Girl dolls, anyone with a little girl knows about them and all little girls want one. In 1990 when my youngest daughter was 8,...

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Flash Drive
By: janetlynn on Dec 31 | Topic Expertise:

My husband and I wanted larger USB drives that would hold larger amounts of data and information on them. So when I was at Wal-Mart,...

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Camco Awning De Flapper
By: alice on Aug 04 | Topic Expertise:

If you have a patio or trailer awning that flaps with the slightest breeze or has been damaged due to the wind, then you need...

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Turn It On And Go
By: tink on Jan 01 | Topic Expertise:

My husband received this cute little GPS for his birthday from our children. He has wanted a GPS since we used one in Hawaii. This...

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Aqua Gun Titanium Series
By: Jessica Yamaguchi on May 19 | Topic Expertise:

We found this at Home Depot. We needed something so that my husband could clean his drywall tools and have better water pressure when he...

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Department 56 Puts On The Finishing Touch
By: alice on Dec 09 | Topic Expertise:

For those of you familiar with my reviews you know I collect St. Nicholas and/or Sinterklaas figurines. I am always amazed at what there is...

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