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Jg M4 S System Enhanced Airsoft Gun Review
By: brawnyman on Nov 29 | Topic Expertise:

This is a review on the JG M4 s-system airsoft gun. This is the enhanced version and it was purchased from AirsoftGI.com for about $165.ConstructionMy...

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Dboys Aks 74 Airsoft Gun
By: aggief22raptor on Jun 07 | Topic Expertise:

Well, for starters, this is a very good gun. The FPS is high, and some would argue, too high. The rate of fire was decent,...

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Walther G22 Special Operations
By: phreakuency on Feb 09 | Topic Expertise:

The Walther G22 Special Operations airsoft rifle is the perfect example of quality and cost. With ranges comparable to many of the higher priced guns,...

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Crosman Stinger P30
By: mrbubl3s on Feb 10 | Topic Expertise:

The Crosman Stinger P30 is an airsoft gun, I got it for my birthday a couple years ago, because we couldn't afford to paintball that...

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