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Aleenes Original Tacky Glue Is The Best
By: crystaldyck on Jan 18 | Topic Expertise:

I have been crafting, scrapbooking and card making for over 10 years now and Aleene's Tacky Glue is one of the most important items in...

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Martha Stewart 36 Piece Marker Set
By: alice on Jan 13 | Topic Expertise:

I love shopping at Michael's, especially when I have a 50% of coupon from the Sunday paper. I was in need of some new markers...

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My Cat, My Guide
By: rachelreviews on Aug 11 | Topic Expertise:

I bought this around three or four years ago. I was waiting for a friend in a bookstore, in the back room where a big...

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N64 Racing At It's Best
By: Cameron Eittreim on Feb 13 | Topic Expertise:

Beetle Adventure Racing is a cult classic on the Nintendo 64, it introduced in 1999 right after the new beetle launched in America. The game...

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The Sims 3
By: actionbarbiexx on Apr 05 | Topic Expertise:

The Sims 3 is the follow up from Electronic Arts' highly successful line of The Sims 2.The Sims is a simulation computer game. It allows...

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Discussing Tattoos And Piercings With Young Adults
By: eggy on Jul 06 | Topic Expertise:

Tattoos and piercings have been popular for many centuries in various cultures. It is obvious from walking around in any western city today that extreme...

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Quilt Magic
By: ohthethinksyouwillthink on Apr 26 | Topic Expertise:

I recently discovered a different type of craft project called Quilt Magic. My sister introducted me to it as she wanted me to help her...

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Supplies Needed To Do Your Own Glitter Toes
By: dsnygrl on Jan 09 | Topic Expertise:

The hot new look among teenage girls is a process called glitter toes. It is done at a salon and involves painting your toes with...

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Last Supper Angel   Jim Shore
By: janetlynn on Dec 11 | Topic Expertise:

Three Christmases ago, a dear friend of ours gave us this Jim Shore "Last Supper" Angel as a gift. I had always admired Mr. Shore's...

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By: Rae Hall on Jul 24 | Topic Expertise:

The Xyron 900 is an handy item designed originally for people who scrapbook but can be used for many projects. This handy little machine makes...

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