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Alti You Are All Right!
By: lexxia on Jul 27 | Topic Expertise:

**Apologies for poor image quality, they weren't taken with our new digcam but an older one that has seen better days**Introducing my 'baby'! This 2004...

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Laser Sight Fits Most Glocks
By: iteclab on Nov 30 | Topic Expertise:

After I bought my Glock 17 for protection, I remembered the first time I had to pull my gun as a reserve police officer. I...

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My Heavy Weight Hero
By: Jaunty August on Aug 17 | Topic Expertise:

Recently when our old iron broke down we went to buy another one. We preferred our same old Panasonic De-luxe Automatic Iron over many famous...

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Fobus 360 G2 Holster
By: iteclab on Nov 30 | Topic Expertise:

Fobus 360 G2 Holster for Glock with Tactical Equipment under barrel.I needed a new holster for my Glock semi-automatic when I added a laser sight...

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By: mustangsally82 on Jul 24 | Topic Expertise:

This is a capable weed-eater. I began my first foray into lawn care this spring, and I was looking for a lightweight weed-eater to tackle the three-foot high weeds in...

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Bring The 'Heat' With You
By: jayjay1113 on Oct 07 | Topic Expertise:

Ever have that one room in your house that just doesn't seem to keep warm? Well, we do. It's the room over the garage. It...

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Janome Mc9000 Needle Threader
By: Joan Young on Feb 20 | Topic Expertise:

This tutorial will help you understand how to use the automatic needle threader on the Janome MC 9000. This is one in a series of...

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Time Saving Pool Cleaner The Baracuda
By: uaezarb on Mar 11 | Topic Expertise:

My husband and kids had been trying to talk me into getting a pool for years, but I was always reluctant, because I didn't want...

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Cat Genie Automatic Litterbox
By: katwalker on Oct 07 | Topic Expertise:

All cat owners want to make cat waste disposal easier. Does the Cat Genie do this? Well... depends on your definition of "easy." The Cat...

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Glade Sense And Spray Automatic Air Freshener
By: dsnygrl on Nov 11 | Topic Expertise:

Glade sense and spray is a motion activate air freshener. I do not use many scented items because they trigger headaches but I am a...

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