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By: perfectdeception on Jan 15 | Topic Expertise:

I just got this phone for Thanksgiving. I liked it at first glance because of it's cool design and color. Plus, it is very slim. At first, it took me...

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Sonic Christmas Blast  Cheap And Fun Holiday Cheer
By: pc200x on Oct 30 | Topic Expertise:

Sonic Christmas Blast was an interesting combination of two Sonic the Hedgehog shows: the self-titled Sonic the Hedgehog and The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog....

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Yuck! This Tastes Like Cough Medicine.
By: rachelreviews on Jul 17 | Topic Expertise:

If you want energy and can put up with awful tasting energy supplements, Venom Bite, could be a viable choice for you. It is not...

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By: troypankey on Nov 29 | Topic Expertise:

Is Right Guard* Xtreme Fresh Blast right for you? Here's my experience with the deodorant Right Guard Xtreme, which I've used for several years quite happily and without any complaints.However,...

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Favorite Covergirl Item Ever
By: Emily Garwood on Jan 01 | Topic Expertise:

I'm not going to lie, I've used many covergirl products and I've never been really that impressed. True, none of their products were bad by...

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By: smmm on Dec 31 | Topic Expertise:

Blast Corps is one of the most unique games ever to come to the Nintendo 64. Your goal is simple: destroy everything in the way of a truck transporting rockets....

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Prince Power Line Blast Os   Truly A Blast!
By: edev5 on Nov 06 | Topic Expertise:

My hubby bought this tennis racket when he started to join the tennis group at our neighborhood. Actually that was the first time he learned...

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$19 Jeans From Deb Store
By: margie8228 on May 29 | Topic Expertise:

For only $19.99 at the Deb stores I purchased a pair a cute, nice fitting blue fadded jeans that I wear a lot, they make...

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Hairspray That Will Hold Your Style In A Hurricane!
By: strawberryshortcake on Feb 07 | Topic Expertise:

When i was in beauty school we had alot of products donated to our school from some salon brand companies so we could play around...

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