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Hersheys Candy Chocolates Shopping Experience
By: Mimpi Gh on Mar 25 | Topic Expertise:

Hershey’s Bliss meltaway creamy milk chocolate comes in individually wrapped pieces. The bite size wraps are an absolute delight to indulge yourself in the small...

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Pic 2: The Dark Mousse Chocolates
By: Mimpi Gh on Dec 30 | Topic Expertise:

Merci Petits of Germany have recently introduced a new range of exquisite, small and assorted chocolates for informal gifting. Although the gift box I got...

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Ghirardelli Dark Raspberry Chocolate Bar
By: Joan Young on Jan 01 | Topic Expertise:

I wasn’t expecting the delicious fruit filling in these squares, and perhaps that is a part of the reason I was first so delighted with...

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Bohol Province And The Chocolate Hills
By: angelwings24 on Apr 06 | Topic Expertise:

There are a lot of island provinces here in the Philippines and I have yet to see all of them but so far none as...

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Breville Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Brewer
By: mustangsally82 on Dec 28 | Topic Expertise:

My mom bought this coffeemaker a few weeks ago, and I got to use it when the family all got together for the holidays. Now...

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Lg Chocolate 3 Cell Phone
By: mustangsally82 on Sep 20 | Topic Expertise:

I got this phone in July 2009 when I was due for my upgrade through my Verizon Wireless two-year contract. The list price varies depending...

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Choxie Chocolates
By: frankv on Nov 12 | Topic Expertise:

I have enjoyed eating Choxie Chocolates since last year. I found them on sale one week at Target. This chocolate is Target's own brand. There...

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Surprise Me, Is It Biscuit Or Jelly?
By: ladychai on Mar 03 | Topic Expertise:

I was looking for chocolates to give to my daughter when she gets home from her dad's house when I chanced upon these egg-like minis...

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Dutch Chocolate Letters
By: alice on Dec 09 | Topic Expertise:

December 5, the feast of St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas) and the day Dutch children put out their wooden shoes with hay and carrots for St. Nicholas's...

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Hold Your Own Cruise Style Chocolate Night
By: kakoa on Jan 12 | Topic Expertise:

When my husband, his parents, and I took a cruise to Alaska together, one of the most memorable things for all of us was the...

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