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Clear Your Bowel
By: triptibaby on Jul 10 | Topic Expertise:

I am 4 months pregnant at the moment and in the early stages of my pregnancy, the first trimester, I could notice the change of...

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Miralax   An Excellent Reliever Of Constipation
By: cupie on Jul 11 | Topic Expertise:

I was stricken with severe constipation earlier this year; it lasted almost 3 months. I was not feeling well and I was annoyed that I...

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By: tsmommy06 on Aug 02 | Topic Expertise:

My doctor prescribed me the drug Zofran because I was pregnant and having morning (day, and night) sickness and was losing weight at each visit. I was 19 weeks pregnant...

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Move Liquid Pedialax Glycerin Health
By: Tina Lehman on Jan 22 | Topic Expertise:

Recently, we figured out that it had been way too many days since my five year old had had a bowel movement. She has had...

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Constipation Problems?
By: alice on Oct 10 | Topic Expertise:

All right then, I think we've all wished we could find something safe and gentle when we feel a little constipated. This tends to happen...

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By: beccaann09 on Nov 17 | Topic Expertise:

When my son was first born I didn't have a clue what formula to start him out on. When I mentioned to the hospital that I was on WIC, they...

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