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By: Cyn Bagley on Jul 03 | Topic Expertise:

Both my husband and I are hold extra-class FCC licenses for Amateur Radio. We also belong to the ARRL - the national association for Amateur Radio. So how did I...

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By: Kathleen Huertas on Oct 11 | Topic Expertise:

Let's admit it, we are all faced with those unexpected expenses, perhaps your car breaks down, you or your children get ill, you may have a roof leak, legal bills...

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Emt Job Articles Exciting Emergency
By: Jeannie Edge on Dec 08 | Topic Expertise:

Through dark of night and light of day… in wind, rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine… no matter what the circumstances, we are there when needed...

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Weather Alerts And Accurate Prediction
By: zenith4183 on Jan 08 | Topic Expertise:

I recently got this weather radio/station for Christmas. The actual radio is detachable and comes with a holster and wrist string. The batteries are rechargable...

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By: Cyn Bagley on Aug 10 | Topic Expertise:

Medic-Alert is a well-known organization for medical alerting jewelry for emergency responders. About three years ago or so, another organization that I belong to (Vasculitis Foundation) recommended that its members...

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By: Cyn Bagley on Feb 01 | Topic Expertise:

I have been involved with Amateur Radio since 1986 and some form of Emergency Communications since 1988. I even have my Extra class license. For those of you who don't...

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Coping With Power Outages
By: peregrinus on Apr 02 | Topic Expertise:

Do you know what to do when a disaster hits your area? Maybe it's a flood, power outage, hurricane, or earthquake.This is the first in...

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First Aid Eye Wash
By: dsnygrl on May 14 | Topic Expertise:

A few months ago I tried one of those powdered makeup bronzers. For me this was a big mistake. I got the powder in my...

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By: dsnygrl on Mar 27 | Topic Expertise:

Years ago I bought a chest style fire safe to store my important papers in case of an emergency. Over the years as I grew older, had more possessions and...

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By: Cyn Bagley on Jul 18 | Topic Expertise:

Okay, my husband and I are into emergency management. He does it as work and as a hobby. So when we found the Osram Sylvania LED lights, we thought that...

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