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Ice Cream And Frozen Drink Maker
By: dsnygrl on Nov 04 | Topic Expertise:

We had been eyeing this puppy for a while and I was so happy when Target marked it way down. My ice cream maker died...

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The Frozen Throne Warcraft 3
By: William Ryall on Aug 23 | Topic Expertise:

The frozen throne is an expansion of the popular game - Warcraft 3 (see my previous reviews for more information). The expansions includes a new...

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Forget Ice Cream, And Make Room For Low Fat Frozen Yogurt!
By: arriiiee little on May 22 | Topic Expertise:

Well ever since I started trying out Frozen Yogurt at the mini Froyo(frozen yogurt) franchises in my area I've pretty much stop eating ice cream....

Type: General Article | Category: Food & Drink
By: archy22 on Nov 04 | Topic Expertise:

Most of us feel that organic food is far better than the inorganic food for our kids. So opting organic foods is the best available option for our kids' health.A...

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By: dohdeelicious on Mar 03 | Topic Expertise:

I like ice cream. Very much. I never much liked getting ice cream out of the container. Until I got myself a Pampered Chef Ice Cream Scoop, that is.I'm on...

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