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By: Jan Mayrhofer on Apr 01 | Topic Expertise:

Everyone should have a hobby! Dictionary.com describes a hobby this way: "an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main...

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A Great Stratocaster Copy, At A Good Price
By: thomasw on Mar 25 | Topic Expertise:

A few years back, I was looking around for an entry-level guitar at an affordable price. As a beginner, I wanted something that produced a...

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Yamaha Erg121 Guitar, In All Its Glory!
By: John Barnes on Dec 28 | Topic Expertise:

So there I was, outside my new guitar teacher's house, about to go in for my first lesson. In the space of a few weeks...

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Rock Band Special Edition
By: dsnygrl on Mar 03 | Topic Expertise:

For Christmas my daughter wanted either Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour. After comparing the two we decided we like the music selections available...

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Rock Band Is Loads Of Fun!
By: melissa on May 16 | Topic Expertise:

When Guitar Hero came out, I absolutely loved it and was constantly playing it with my friends. Then I heard about a new video game...

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Input Equipment Ca30 Korg Chromatic
By: ghost on Aug 04 | Topic Expertise:

This little fantastic tuner is a very good deal. It’s pretty standard so there really isn’t a lot, if any customization for setup. It features...

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By: Brian Lamacraft on May 27 | Topic Expertise:

Guitar players need various accessories to help them learn the instrument. Below is a list of some of the common things you should pick up for your guitar.Staff and Tablature...

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Fender's Best Beginner's Guitar!
By: ooncha on Mar 28 | Topic Expertise:

Everyone wants to play guitar! So for my birthday, my friends got me a gift card to Guitar Center. I quickly used it to get...

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So You Wanna Be A Rock Star, Huh?
By: jayjay1113 on Sep 04 | Topic Expertise:

I had an opportunity to try out Rock Band 2 for Wii at a friends house party earlier this year and destiny was set, I...

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Rock Out   In Your Pj's!
By: scotlas71 on Jun 20 | Topic Expertise:

This has to be the most fun game to play - EVER!!CONTENTSThe complete band set comes with wireless guitar controller, wireless drum kit and a...

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