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Colorado The Best Place To Visit
By: Kimber Watson on Mar 13 | Topic Expertise:

I recently moved to Colorado from California, I lived in Colorado about 20 years ago and I feel in love with the State. Some of...

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The History Of Pirates
By: ferret on Oct 03 | Topic Expertise:

I love pirates! So when I went looking for pirate books from our local library for a school project, I was a little disappointed at...

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Harnden Tavern, Educational, Fun And Free!
By: cafn8me on Aug 19 | Topic Expertise:

The Wilmington, MA Town Museum at the Colonel Joshua Harnden Tavern is an important piece of history situated about 20 minutes north of Boston. The...

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Photo Lovers Unite!
By: rachelreviews on Jul 24 | Topic Expertise:

I've had this book for years. I don't ever want to be without it. Whenever I need inspiration or my mind wants to wander for...

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Articles Football Fighting Overview Sports
By: Luke Kazmierski on Oct 16 | Topic Expertise:

"Were gonna go inside, were gonna go outside, inside and outside. Were gonna get 'em on the run boys and once we get 'em on...

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Family Tree Maker Genealogy Software
By: jpnmo on Jan 09 | Topic Expertise:

Have you ever wondered why you look, act or sound as you do? Maybe you have a beautiful voice or some talent that comes naturally....

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Take A Ride On The Ice
By: balentine2 on Sep 01 | Topic Expertise:

My husband is a big fan of the reality television show Ice Road Truckers. He likes it so much that he recorded all of the...

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By: notgirlygirl on Nov 18 | Topic Expertise:

I received this book from a friend in 2000 as I was writing my thesis and I needed to learn the basics of philosophy. This novel by Jostein Gaarder deals...

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To Our Children's Children, Your Family History
By: tinkerbell on Jan 27 | Topic Expertise:

Have you ever wondered if your great grandparents had a beloved pet? Wouldn't you have liked to know more about their childhood? What was their...

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Bannatyne Lesley Pratt Movies History
By: Jenn Huffer on May 08 | Topic Expertise:

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love the history of this very popular international holiday. The original "Halloween" was far different then what we...

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