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Eat Smart Nutrition Scale
By: Janiece Vu on Jan 11 | Topic Expertise:

I recommend this scale for housewives like me and those who are working with their weight. We are not experts who have a thorough grasp...

Type: Product Review | Category: Kitchen & Bath | Rating:
By: Thao Vu on Dec 25 | Topic Expertise:

I ran across FanSee on innovatoys.com and found it handy and amazing. It cools you off and creates a floating temperature display across its spinning blades via red LEDs. I...

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Khet Laser Board Game   Intriguing And Educational
By: janiece vu on Dec 30 | Topic Expertise:

Khet is far more than a strategy-based board game like chess or Monopoly. What appeal to me are the Egyptian-themed pieces and the combination of...

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Ant Works   Fun And Educational
By: Janiece Vu on Jan 08 | Topic Expertise:

I bought AntWorks for my kids and their deep interest in it really surprised me. I thought it's just for kids: seeking some black ants...

Type: Product Review | Category: Children & Parenting | Rating:
Usbcell Rechargeable Batteries
By: Janiece Vu on Jan 22 | Topic Expertise:

These batteries work great! They're easily recharged within several hours via any USB connection. There's no need for a separate charger, which I find the...

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Stunning Oggz Light
By: janiece vu on Dec 30 | Topic Expertise:

I placed Oggzs around the living-room and the effect is extremely cool at night. They produce a gentle glow and cycle through the whole rainbow...

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