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St Extract Ssri Johns Wort
By: Arthur Karapetyan on Mar 05 | Topic Expertise:

St. John's Wort has been around for some time now and many people are taking notice. But for every person that takes the plunge and...

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By: cnt24 on Nov 07 | Topic Expertise:

If you love to BBQ like we do, then you need to invest in a smoker. The New Braunfels Oklahoma Joe's Outdoor Smoker is an...

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Articles Football Fighting Overview Sports
By: Luke Kazmierski on Oct 16 | Topic Expertise:

"Were gonna go inside, were gonna go outside, inside and outside. Were gonna get 'em on the run boys and once we get 'em on...

Type: General Article | Category: Other Sports & Recreation
By: May Monten on Dec 19 | Topic Expertise:

I used this for the first time yesterday. The smell was amazing! It's the best-smelling conditioner I've ever used. It made being in the shower fun!The label says it's "aroma...

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Madness In Two? I Think So.
By: megantoast on Apr 13 | Topic Expertise:

Fall Out Boy has done it again! Following their hit release of "Infinity on High" in 2007 they have released an album fondly named "Folie...

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If You're A Parent, Joe Rich Is Your Gps
By: jayjay1113 on Aug 06 | Topic Expertise:

I attended the Literacy conference earlier this year that our local school board host annually. The theme was Parenting - The Long Journey and one...

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Joe Diffie Twice Upon A Time
By: Beth Benson on Dec 20 | Topic Expertise:

"Twice Upon A Time" is a toe tapping pure country fun loving album. This Joe Diffie album really makes you want to get up and...

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By: rwilforthkensington on Aug 01 | Topic Expertise:

Since One For the Money I've been enjoying the exploits of Janet Evanovich's loveable heroine Stephanie Plum. I've been faithfully reading them for quite some time now, always eager to...

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Joe Johnson Is Overpaid!
By: doraemon on Jul 27 | Topic Expertise:

The NBA 2010 free agent extravaganza was filled with brilliant moves such as those executed by Miami and Chicago and some head scratchers. These range...

Type: General Article | Category: Other Sports & Recreation
By: teakat on Feb 28 | Topic Expertise:

I suffered from adult acne for 2 years before I found Trader Joe's Purify Tangerine Sugar Scrub. I absolute love this scrub!It consists of a blend of sugar, natural oils...

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