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By: nspear on Nov 12 | Topic Expertise:

I am always looking for that great educational toy that keeps my kids attention while getting them off the couch! I thought I would find...

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Strummin' A Dora Guitar
By: ladychai on Mar 17 | Topic Expertise:

This is actually my daughter's second guitar at our house, she has another guitar in her father's house. I felt compelled to buy her her...

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Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 1: Water Vol. 1
By: Mia Blaisdell on Aug 26 | Topic Expertise:

I have to say, the Avatar: The Last Airbender series got me hooked after a couple episodes. Yes it is created and produced by Nicklodeon...

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Backpack, Backpack Dora!
By: ladychai on Mar 05 | Topic Expertise:

This was actually yet another gift from my daughter's godfather. It resembles Dora's backpack only that it only has one sling.My daughter likes this bag...

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By: jayjay1113 on May 16 | Topic Expertise:

Every now and then WalMart has toys at huge discounts in the bins in the middle of their main aisles. It was in one of the discount bins that I...

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By: lukepukeduke on Dec 16 | Topic Expertise:

I expected this hotel to be at the tops.I paid a lot of money for my family and I to visit this place.Of course the kids had a fun time...

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The Adv Of Jimmy Neutron Attack Of The Twonkies
By: armysister on Sep 22 | Topic Expertise:

Jimmy Neutron Attack of the Twonkies is a great video game for any Nickelodeon fan. This game has great graphics and is rated E for...

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