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Fitover Sunglasses For A Perfect Fit
By: alice on Sep 21 | Topic Expertise:

When I recently had cataract surgery my surgeon gave me these sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses for the brightness I would encounter with...

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End The Fed
By: doraemon on May 08 | Topic Expertise:

Have you ever wondered why a Dollar buys a nickel's worth? Have you ever thought why prices are always going higher and higher? Lastly, why...

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Paul Mitchell Worked Up Hair Spray
By: cafn8me on Jan 11 | Topic Expertise:

My hairstylist recommended this hairspray to me during one of my salon visits. She knows that I like to use hairspray as I style my...

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Touch Of Night, By Susan Spencer Paul
By: kristyh on Dec 14 | Topic Expertise:

I snatched this book up from my local Dollar General store for $3.00. The back of the book indicates that it is usually $6.99 so...

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By: bellastella227 on Jul 31 | Topic Expertise:

We recently stayed at the Omni Hotel at the St. Paul Riverfront. This hotel is located very conveniently near many St. Paul attractions: Xcel Energy Center, Harriet Island, the Science...

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Epiphone Les Paul Ultra Ii
By: mr77 on Feb 20 | Topic Expertise:

Epiphone is a company known for a wide range of instruments in terms of both sound and quality. This guitar easily ranks high in both...

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Gaultier Classique Perfume
By: valeriedavid on Nov 04 | Topic Expertise:

Gaultier Classique Eau de Parfum is an exotic and tantalizing perfume spray, in a sensual, voluptuous bottle. Jean Paul Gautier is known for his daring,...

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Sports Ray Articles Fitness Shaq
By: doraemon on May 25 | Topic Expertise:

Boston was trounced by the Miami Heat in the semi-finals. The big three of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett was no longer the...

Type: General Article | Category: Other Sports & Recreation
By: Tyler Sonsteng on Jan 28 | Topic Expertise:

As a nice cheap durable lower-end guitar the Epiphone Les Paul Standard will not do you any bad. It's hum-bucker style pickups could be improved, but stock they still provide...

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Sean Paul's The Trinity
By: icequeen on Feb 10 | Topic Expertise:

I have always been a fan of Sean Paul and have all of his CDs, and the Trinity is no exception. Before buying it, I...

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