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Little People, Big World Pumpkin Farm
By: sizwizz on Dec 01 | Topic Expertise:

This Halloween season, my husband and I decided to take a tour of a relatively famous pumpkin farm in our own backyard. We drove to...

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Lavender Deodorants Subtle People English
By: Mimpi Gh on Jan 19 | Topic Expertise:

I cannot remember when I started to use Yardley’s English Lavender. May be, it became an obvious choice as it passed on to from the...

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Online Learning In A Nutshell
By: Austin Blair on Jul 14 | Topic Expertise:

Do you remember when you had to rewrite sentences over and over again whenever you got into some trouble with a teacher or a student?...

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A Decent Message Though It May Have Some Flaws
By: Kevin Roman on Feb 23 | Topic Expertise:

This book was an interesting read although I do wish it could help people deal with being pressured more than the ones that are absolute...

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Operation Sneak Peek!
By: Mimpi Gh on Jul 06 | Topic Expertise:

Show me your refrigerator and I will tell you who you are!It might sound funny but refrigerators speak volumes and sometimes way too much about...

Type: General Article | Category: Fiction & Creative
By: bellastella227 on Feb 10 | Topic Expertise:

I was a little nervous when I first opened up the Fisher Price Little People A to Z Learning Zoo. My mom had given it to my daughter as a...

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Business Articles Jobs Work Youth
By: bjcyrix on Oct 18 | Topic Expertise:

Many young people are finding jobs in order to survive. They tend to look for jobs to help them financially, not only for themselves, but...

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Golf: The Hardest Sport There Is
By: Austin Blair on Jul 16 | Topic Expertise:

There are always the sports that everyone knows and loves including basketball, football, baseball, and much more. But, for some odd reason, nobody ever really...

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John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride
By: traceyb22 on May 20 | Topic Expertise:

My son received this cute toy for Christmas last year. This John Deere tractor and trailer has a been a really fun toy for him....

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By: Cyn Bagley on Feb 23 | Topic Expertise:

I actually bought this book 1/2 price through a buy one book, get one half off from Borders. The title "the sociopath next door" intriqued me. Really. I think I...

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