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Cedar Bat House For Natural Pest Control
By: dsnygrl on May 27 | Topic Expertise:

For Mother's Day I finally got something I have wanted for a really long time, a Bat House. Yes, you read that right, an actual...

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Bat Being Knocked In Bat Mallet
By: seeb on Jun 05 | Topic Expertise:

Preparing cricket bats for use can really be difficult and for someone who is inexperienced and don't have much knowledge of the game it can...

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Freestanding Offset Market Umbrella
By: dsnygrl on Apr 06 | Topic Expertise:

Our top deck has a wall of windows to our living room and doors that go into both our master bedroom and our breakfast area....

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The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
By: eggy on Mar 17 | Topic Expertise:

These HD Vision WrapArounds Sunglasses fit over your normal prescription eyeglasses.These were a gift from a well meaning relative who was concerned about my corneal...

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Du Pont Frost Freeze Blanket
By: eggy on Nov 23 | Topic Expertise:

I have been using DuPont Frost Blankets for about 5 years. They are good for protecting your delicate plants from frost or freezing.Some unusually cold...

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Time To Bling Your Ring
By: lexxia on Aug 15 | Topic Expertise:

This was a total impulse purchase but the DecalGirl Skin Kits claim to add an Airbrushed look to almost any cell phone and the kiosk...

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Arctic Armor Long View Of Pool Cover
By: alice on Jun 15 | Topic Expertise:

We purchased an Arctic Armor above-ground winter pool cover from PcPools.com. recently. We have an oval 16 x 32' partially sunk above-ground pool and liked...

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Dolfino Swim Goggles
By: Joan Young on Aug 05 | Topic Expertise:

I don’t know much about swim goggles yet, so I purchased a cheap pair to see how bad they were, and if they might be...

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Another Staples Shredder? Have You Gone Insane?
By: forbiddenglory on Jan 02 | Topic Expertise:

First off, as the name already clearly states, this shredder is one that can only do so much as far as its usage per day...

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Bell Visor Super Shield   Worth The Price
By: Joan Young on Sep 11 | Topic Expertise:

Despite the hefty price tag for this little piece of plastic, it is well worth it for those who must drive when the sun is...

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