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Butter Almond Toffee Is An Award Winner
By: alice on Sep 17 | Topic Expertise:

I like to shop at Peter's Imports where they get in a wide array of products from many different companies. I can always find something...

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Economy And Quality
By: ladychai on Jan 26 | Topic Expertise:

I have been using EQ diapers since I gave birth to my child. There are actually positive and negative sides of this diaper but I...

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Mens Dress Shoes And Casual Shoes In One
By: dsnygrl on Jan 03 | Topic Expertise:

My husband is very hard on shoes and often buys cheap ones which he goes through quickly. I decided for Christmas, I would get him...

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Char Broil Bbq Grill
By: janetlynn on Apr 18 | Topic Expertise:

Our friends had the opportunity to move to India for their ministry and gave us their Char-Broil Quickset Two Burner BBQ Grill. I had been...

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Quality Leather Briefcase
By: triptibaby on Jul 09 | Topic Expertise:

My husband is a working person and he has to make frequent official trips to different location, usually within the Country. So, he has to...

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Rockport Clogs For Under $50!!!
By: laurel1 on Jun 01 | Topic Expertise:

I never used to be a shoe shopper. I'd have a pair of dress shoes, a pair of sandals, a pair of cross-trainers or walking...

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Henckels Pro S Knife
By: dsnygrl on Jan 12 | Topic Expertise:

Being a great home cook requires a certain amount of skill sure but having the right tools makes the job that much easier. One of...

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Turns Heads Wherever We Ride
By: milletappe on May 31 | Topic Expertise:

I'm not exactly a bike nut, but as the owner and regular rider of three of them, I think I could be safely described as...

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Canon Pixma I P5000 Printer
By: verbiosa on Dec 12 | Topic Expertise:

The PIXMA iP5000 is a true photo-quality printer, but it's ink is expensive and it's not easy to fix problems without sending it back to...

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Triplus Fineliner Pens   Great For Artwork
By: lexxia on May 08 | Topic Expertise:

I have at least 3 packages of the 12 pack of these pens and two of the 24 package. These are 0.3m fine tipped ink...

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