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Learning Perl 5th Edition
By: sdas86 on Jun 10 | Topic Expertise:

Personally, I am an electronics engineering student. So, I am quite interested with programming languages and I really like to learn more about programming. Some...

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By: fostanza on Oct 13 | Topic Expertise:

I've already learned HTML/CSS, and the next core technology, in my opinion, is JavaScript. DOM Scripting does an excellent job of showing you how to use JavaScript with the Document...

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Disney's Up Review
By: Steph Dobson on Feb 17 | Topic Expertise:

Up is one of the greatest films to ever come from the mighty Disney. This film is heartwarming, hilarious and something original for die hard...

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Anime Studio Pro 5
By: akemi on Jan 13 | Topic Expertise:

This is a wonderful animation software for professionals and students alike. This product enables artists to create cartoons, animations, and 2d movies. Its quickstart tutorials...

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By: tweedle on Nov 04 | Topic Expertise:

Save the Cat by Blake Snyder is the best book on screenwriting there is. He simplifies and demystifies what makes a script work. His "beats" technique is amazing and really...

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