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Credit To Http://Www.Mygshockshop.Com/Servlet/Store Front
By: the_dude on Feb 03 | Topic Expertise:

I recently purchased a red Casio G-Shock GLX5600 aka "G-Lide" on footlocker.com. I bought a fake Bape G-Shock 6900 on eBay a few months prior...

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By: crackpot_inventor on Jan 09 | Topic Expertise:

Almost from the second your plane crashes into the decaying undersea city of Rapture, BioShock will suck you in and will not let go. You would be hard-pressed to find...

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Audition Another Japanese Horror Masterpiece
By: kasouyumi on Jun 01 | Topic Expertise:

I'm quite worried about Mr. Takashi Miike, because he shamelessly keeps making the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. I guess that's why he...

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Halo 3: Odst   Worthy Of Its Lineage?
By: Taha Kazmi on Jun 17 | Topic Expertise:

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, Halo 3: ODST gives fans of Bungie's Halo series another fantastic first-person shooter (FPS) experience. With the heroic...

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Equate Insoles Work Just Fine
By: ohthethinksyouwillthink on Oct 04 | Topic Expertise:

Since having so much success with gel insoles in my own shoes, I decided to get some for my husband as well. Hubby's job requires...

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The Night Mare Before Christmas
By: ladychai on Jan 19 | Topic Expertise:

I have always been a fan of Tim Burton's. His lurid characters somehow amazes me. 'Tis like one-parts of the two versions of myself.I have...

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10 Button Usb Gamepad With Vibration
By: userfriendly on Feb 03 | Topic Expertise:

The generic 10-Button USB Gamepad with Vibration from DealExtreme caught my attention. First, I like the color blue. Second, it has a vibration function. Third,...

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Dualshock 3 Doesn't Change What Works
By: Nick VerVoort on Jun 19 | Topic Expertise:

The Dualshock 3 replaces the Sixaxis controller that originally shipped with Sony's Playstation 3. While the Sixaxis was a lightweight wireless controller with tilt sensitivity...

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By: cipherical on Jan 17 | Topic Expertise:

Since I am not good at "grouping" the words together, I will list all the things that are good and bad of this game. The Bad: It has glitches. The...

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Careful With That Axe, Eugene
By: eggy on Feb 18 | Topic Expertise:

I bought this Camper's Axe as a gift on the recommendation of the salesperson and several burly guys standing around at Cabela's.It is a high...

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