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A Great Stratocaster Copy, At A Good Price
By: thomasw on Mar 25 | Topic Expertise:

A few years back, I was looking around for an entry-level guitar at an affordable price. As a beginner, I wanted something that produced a...

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By: jpnmo on Jun 04 | Topic Expertise:

As a dog owner, I am always looking for things to entertain my dog when I can't play with her. Riley, my yellow Lab gets...

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Beach Combing Treasures
By: Jan Mayrhofer on Jun 29 | Topic Expertise:

Living in the Puget Sound area of the Pacific Northwest all my life has been a blessing. I grew up in what is known as...

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The Motorola W385 Is So Tasty.
By: Jacob Pavone on Jan 25 | Topic Expertise:

I've had this phone for nearly two years and I can say myself that this phone is invincible. You can say that about a lot...

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Caring Makes A Difference
By: Mimpi Gh on Apr 28 | Topic Expertise:

Recently, a patient was diagnosed with metastasis of his cancer, and I am having hard time figuring out how to tell him that. He has...

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A Secondary Defense In Home Protection!
By: randomreviews on Aug 23 | Topic Expertise:

IntrudalertIntrudalert is a cheap 'as seen on tv product' now filling the shelves of local Dollar Tree stores. Yes indeed, for just a buck, you...

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Phase Technology: Great Sound, Small Package
By: laurel1 on May 30 | Topic Expertise:

I have a pretty good stereo/audio system, but it's in my dining room, the only room that could hold it in my very small house....

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By: sparkle333 on Dec 13 | Topic Expertise:

When my dad died unexpectedly, after complications from a triple bypass, I was the primary caregiver for my mother for 3 1/2 years. During that time, I developed a sleep...

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X Mini Capsule Speaker
By: rakfla on Feb 04 | Topic Expertise:

Not having very much space and travelling a lot, I wanted to find speakers that were small and good quality. The x-mini capsule speaker is...

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Get A Sound Sleep With Conair Sound Therapy
By: pogo on Dec 22 | Topic Expertise:

If you've ever had a child who was a light sleeper, you know how hard it is for either of you to get a decent...

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