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Blokus Board Game
By: janetlynn on Jan 10 | Topic Expertise:

We were introduced to Blokus about a year ago by friends. My husband enjoyed the competition so much that I bought him his own game...

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Choxie Chocolates
By: frankv on Nov 12 | Topic Expertise:

I have enjoyed eating Choxie Chocolates since last year. I found them on sale one week at Target. This chocolate is Target's own brand. There...

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Nail Stickers
By: tink on May 31 | Topic Expertise:

If you like to paint your nails, especially your toenails, you are going to love this product. It's a simple and colorful way to get...

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Hawaiian Breeze Fan Cools My Hot Flashes!
By: alice on May 23 | Topic Expertise:

A few weeks ago we were on vacation and visiting our youngest daughter in Orlando, Florida. I knew as soon as I got off the...

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!!
By: warpainted on Jan 08 | Topic Expertise:

Having recently begun training in Tae Kwon Do (and loving it) there is an amazing amount of gear that needs to be purchased to be...

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Stylish Versatile Print Hoodie From Target
By: valeriedavid on Nov 06 | Topic Expertise:

This 100% cotton print, zip-up hoodie has fast become one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. The lightweight material makes it perfect for layering in colder...

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Inexpensive Adjustable Rustler Boys Jeans
By: dsnygrl on May 04 | Topic Expertise:

My son is tall for his age but he is also a skinny little thing. We have a terrible time finding jeans for him that...

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Ohm Sd Card Reader Has Serious Design Flaw
By: Joan Young on Sep 13 | Topic Expertise:

I am very unhappy with this card reader because of its shape. Actually, I would return it except that I bought it while traveling, and...

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Beautiful Wicker Chairs
By: tink on May 04 | Topic Expertise:

I bought these beautiful wicker chairs at Target for my daughter and her husband for their anniversary. She only wanted wicker chairs and Target seemed...

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Burgundy Tote   17.3 Laptop Case
By: janetlynn on May 08 | Topic Expertise:

This is NOT my husband's laptop case! And I wasn't about to get the same bag I bought my husband because that would only cause...

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