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By: irin997 on Nov 02 | Topic Expertise:

I have owned a Motorola Razr for the past year and I love it. I have my Razr through Verizon Wireless and purchased it for $250.00 in the pink color....

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By: apples on Mar 21 | Topic Expertise:

I've always been a big fan of texting, but it does have its detrimental effects. Over 65 billion text messages are sent per month in the United States, which is...

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My Little Workhorse Printer
By: laurel1 on Jul 01 | Topic Expertise:

My old laser-jet died, and I didn't want to spend a fortune replacing it. My sister had recently upgraded to what her husband considered a...

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By: kmowery on Jul 09 | Topic Expertise:

For the most part, I keep up with technology because its fun. I don't feel a compelling need to have the latest gadgets just because everyone else does. However, I...

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Really Great Phone, Highly Recommended.
By: Alejandra Yaya on Apr 11 | Topic Expertise:

I got this phone about 3 months ago and am very satisfied with it. Its a perfect little flip phone that is super easy to...

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By: mrsspy on Mar 25 | Topic Expertise:

I cannot help myself but get annoyed with texting. Young ones are getting used to spelling words short-cut. Since text messaging became popular due to the popularity of mobile cellphones,...

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Prison Life Rpg
By: Bob Li on Aug 23 | Topic Expertise:

Prison Life is a free online text-based Role Playing Game where you take on the role of a prisoner. When you star, t you are...

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Motorola: A Good Sturdy Cell Phone
By: Candida Eittreim on Dec 20 | Topic Expertise:

When it came time to replace my cell phone I knew what I didn't want. No cameras, no music, just a good clear reliable phone....

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By: crunkyjens on Aug 09 | Topic Expertise:

Let me start this by saying I have wanted a texting phone since probably right after I got my last phone. Don't get me wrong I really liked my LG...

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By: rockergirl on Jul 03 | Topic Expertise:

I purchased the LG Envy from my local Target in the hopes that I would finally get a phone to fit my needs. I also wanted to spend as little...

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