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Brother Label Maker Machine
By: dsnygrl on Aug 06 | Topic Expertise:

I love to add labels to things. My family used to hate it but now they actually come to me and ask them to do...

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Htc Dream Cellphone   Nice
By: lexxia on Aug 27 | Topic Expertise:

Note, this review is based on a modified version of the HTC Dream. Two of these phones live at our place, the other which is...

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I Pod Touch, The Great
By: demonfox on Jan 30 | Topic Expertise:

The iPod touch by Apple. The device that is looks like an iPhone but only it is an iPod. It does not have the phone...

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No One Writes To The Colonel: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
By: Mimpi Gh on May 17 | Topic Expertise:

No one writes to colonel is a poignant story of how a retired colonel and his wife fight to protect their pride in a healthy...

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The Apple I Pod Touch   Simply Future Proof!
By: Mark Iskander on Apr 11 | Topic Expertise:

The iPod Touch, the world's most popular mp3 player, jumps miles ahead of the quality of the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and iPod Video combined!...

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I Love This Universal Remote
By: crazycol on May 03 | Topic Expertise:

I was amazed when I received this remote from a site that I do word of mouth advertising for. The remote retails for $249 which...

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I Pod Touch
By: Amanda Rinaldi on Jul 27 | Topic Expertise:

Whenever I am on campus, I would never be caught without my phone in my pocket, and my iPod Touch in my hand. Truthfully, I...

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Department 56 Puts On The Finishing Touch
By: alice on Dec 09 | Topic Expertise:

For those of you familiar with my reviews you know I collect St. Nicholas and/or Sinterklaas figurines. I am always amazed at what there is...

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The Htc Magic Overall A Nice Phone
By: lexxia on Apr 14 | Topic Expertise:

Just when I was starting to get comfortable with the Blackberry Bold, my daughter decided she wanted to trade me and give me her HTC...

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Stylish 3g Phones 16gb I
By: rahadian anggara on Jan 15 | Topic Expertise:

Maybe it's a little bit late to review this one since Apple has launched the newer generation for Iphone which is Iphone 4, but I...

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