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Christmas Ornaments For Everyone!!
By: alice on Aug 07 | Topic Expertise:

I've been busy into my Christmas crafts for a while now as the season tends to creep up on you way too quickly.I purchased this...

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A Great Upper Body Workout, At A Good Price
By: thomasw on Mar 28 | Topic Expertise:

I was looking around for a new piece of exercise equipment, and came across the Push Up Pro. I had seen it on TV before,...

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Eco Friendly Bamboo Garden Gloves
By: dsnygrl on Jun 10 | Topic Expertise:

I love to putter in the garden but it's really rough on my hands. As part of my Mother's Day presents last year, I got...

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Carhartt Flannel Lined Jeans
By: Joan Young on Jan 01 | Topic Expertise:

These Carhartt Jeans, lined with Darkstone blue-gray plaid flannel, are more than a classic of American clothing. They really are warm.My hubby is cold almost...

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Something For The Overworked Mothers
By: tink on Jul 01 | Topic Expertise:

Do you feel over worked? Of course you do. I understand and so does this fantastic product called "The Over-Worked Mother's Natural Reviving Bath Herbs"....

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Orient  Hero Dog
By: Joan Young on Dec 11 | Topic Expertise:

This is the story of Orient, the German Shepherd who guided the blind hiker of the Appalachian Trail on his trek from Georgia to Maine.In...

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Trukke Snowmotion Boots  Simply The Best!
By: Joan Young on Nov 05 | Topic Expertise:

Trukke Snowmotion Boots- Simply The Best!For all-round winter outdoor fun these boots are unbeatable. The adjustable heel strap stops sock slippage! They are toasty warm,...

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Roc Comfort Work Gloves Handmaster
By: Jan Mayrhofer on Sep 05 | Topic Expertise:

I found some outstanding work gloves by accident recently. They were on a seasonal rack in the grocery store where I work and were reasonably...

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American Hiking Society Volunteer Vacations
By: Joan Young on Jul 09 | Topic Expertise:

If you value foot trails and want to help build and maintain them, with great supervision and fun thrown in, then these are the vacations...

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Print Works Labels  Laser Print: Poor Results
By: Joan Young on Nov 03 | Topic Expertise:

PrintWorks labels seemed to be fine until the mail started to be returned because the labels were unreadable!I have occasion to print an average of...

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