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Ride The Wave
By: luvettes91 on Feb 20 | Topic Expertise:

Catwalk Curls Rock by Tigi is a sort of heavy cream for those who have poofy and/or frizzy curly hair who want nothing but the...

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Rock Fans?? Listen Up
By: Kyle Harper on Apr 13 | Topic Expertise:

As a general rock music fan, I consider myself to be well versed in many different types of rock music. I would classify Rise Against...

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By: bubbacat on May 20 | Topic Expertise:

Our lovely trip to West Virginia. Never again! We reserved a cabin "near the river" called the Smoke Hole Cabins. This was several years ago and I believe the cabins...

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Make Your Guitar Scream
By: k-mo on Jan 06 | Topic Expertise:

When I got into Guitar about 5 years ago I wanted to play hard rock, metal, and anything else heavy. Problem was I couldn't get...

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O M G!!! I Love These Jeans!!!
By: Taylor Hansen on Jun 28 | Topic Expertise:

Let me start by saying.... O M G!!! I'm a total eBay addict and I'm always on the site looking for jeans and designer clothing...

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