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Jeffers Pet Dog Blanket
By: mustangsally82 on Dec 25 | Topic Expertise:

We have had several days so far where the temperature has been in the single digits Fahrenheit, with wind chills factoring in to make it...

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There's More To This Cat Food Than Meets The Eye!
By: Mia Blaisdell on Jun 06 | Topic Expertise:

The reason behind why I stated "There more to this cat food than meets the eye" starts with the story about my Maine Coon, Taz....

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Tropiclean   Natural Soothing Shampoo
By: bosoxy on Apr 11 | Topic Expertise:

My dog experiences both food and environmental allergies. Recently his environmental allergies presented themselves as a bright red irritated and itchy rash on his back.Between...

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The Ultimate Cat Book
By: Mia Blaisdell on Aug 14 | Topic Expertise:

If you have cats and love them as much as I do mine, this is the book for you. The Ultimate Cat Book is comprehensive...

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By: paid2write on Jun 07 | Topic Expertise:

My Cute Pets slimline wall calendar hangs in my kitchen. The calendar is printed on glossy paper with clear dark blue type. Each day of the month has a small...

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Pedi Paws   Not Certain I'm Impressed
By: lexxia on Dec 20 | Topic Expertise:

Well, according to all the hype Pedi-Paws is the solution to clipping your pets nails and it promises to do so painlessly and effortlessly. I...

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Poseable Pet
By: dsnygrl on Aug 01 | Topic Expertise:

My Twinn Poseable Pets are hand crafted stuffed animals that are made to look like specific breeds of dogs and cats. What makes these stuffed...

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Choosing The Right Veterinarian
By: edev5 on Jan 26 | Topic Expertise:

My hubby and I are dog lovers. My hubby used to have a Siberian Husky, a Pomeranian, and something like a Brittany / spaniel dog....

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Air Wick Odour Stop
By: strawberryshortcake on Mar 20 | Topic Expertise:

I have a bunny, guinea pig, cat and dog all living in my house, so to keep my house from smelling like a barn between...

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A Safe Pet Home, Is A Happy Pet Home!
By: Mia Blaisdell on Jun 23 | Topic Expertise:

You wouldn't leave sharp knives, toxic cleaning agents, or other dangerous items within a reach of a toddler, would you? Of course not! We take...

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