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By: dearcleng on Oct 07 | Topic Expertise:

Crest has been coming up with a great line of whitening strips ranging from basic white to obsessedly bright. I tried them exactly by the book for awhile and enjoyed...

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By: Gayle Parks on Mar 01 | Topic Expertise:

When I got my new cell phone the salesman talked me into a BlueTooth. I usually don't fall for the high pressure sales tactics but this time it sounded reasonable...

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Cheerio Gel My Kids Tooth Paste.
By: mariamrose on Nov 02 | Topic Expertise:

I bought this tooth paste for my child as per the suggestion of my family doctor. Even before my child became one and half, all...

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Whiter Teeth In 30 Minutes!
By: emeyardyey on Jun 28 | Topic Expertise:

Aside from being vain about my skin, I also am conscious about my teeth. I believe I have a very nice smile but what's a...

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